Vegetarian 4 Bean Chili Recipe

Vegetarian Chili

Today’s video features an easy crockpot recipe: Vegetarian 4 Bean Chili. Chili is essentially a thick stew which usually includes beans and meat. However, this video features a vegetarian version of the chili, with no meat. Sauteed onions and peppers add more flavor to the beans, and you can make it spicy or mild depending […]

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Hatch Chili Seasonal Recipes

Hatch chili recipes

Terry Craig, owner of Jalapeno Inferno prepares a variety of dishes utilizing the New Mexico hatch chili. The true hatch chili comes from Hatch county in New Mexico, very seasonal during this time of the year, and can range from mild to hot. Fine more hatch chili recipes on Recipebridge.

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The Perfect Chili

Chili con carne

Delightful, spicy Chili for the Game Day Chili is the short for world famous chili con carne, essentially spanish for ‘chili with meat’. It’s a hearty, simple dish-mild, dried chiles mellowed with garlic and sparked with cumin. This dish originated more so in the Norther Mexican region; cooking chiles with meat was in full gear […]

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