Sangria For New Year’s Eve


A pitcher of Sangria! Sangria is one of those drinks that people associate with being on holiday and relaxing in the sun, and it is because of this that it is such a popular drink in many bars and restaurants as well – people want to relive that feeling of being on holiday! So this […]

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How To Make Simple Syrup

Simple syrup

Sweetening drinks with simple syrup Simple syrup is basically a concoction of water and sugar. The mixture is heated until the sugar has melted into the water then cooled and this creates a syrupy texture which is often used as an essential ingredient for sweetening most summer cocktails and mocktails. Rather than using ground up […]

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Easy Mojito Recipes

Cherry Lime Mojito

Trudy Maples of Cooking with Trudy has easy and fun summer recipes, and mojito is a refreshing cocktail for the summer months. She shares here the recipe for a cherry lime mojito. Find more mojito recipes on Recipebridge.

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4th Of July Cocktail Recipes

Cocktail Recipes

Jonathan Pogash joined The Rhode Show to mix up some festive cocktail recipes that will add that special sparkle to your Independence Day festivities. Find more cocktail recipes on Recipebridge.

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How to Mix the Perfect Mimosa


A mimosa for a special occasion A mimosa is a refreshing and very popular brunch time cocktails for special occasions. A mimosa is made up of champagne and then topped up with orange juice; however other juices are sometimes used to add a different flavour to the drink. The mimosa is one of the simplest cocktails […]

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