Grilled Recipes From Farmer’s Market

Grilled Pizza

Larry Pfarr from St. Paul’s farmer’s market features grilled recipes, including one for pizza with ingredients you’ll find at the local farmer’s market. There’s a grilled asparagus and tomato salad, with grilled pizza made from scratch and more featured here. Find more grilled pizza recipes on Recipebridge.

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A Flavorful And Quick Salsa Recipe

Easy Salsa Recipe

Chef Larry from Madison Diner shares a salsa recipe in this video. He shows us a quick and flavorful salsa recipe, made with fresh tomatoes, cilantro, peppers etc. This low fat salsa surely makes a perfectly winning recipe for tailgating. Find more salsa recipes on Recipebridge.

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Fresh Tomato Recipes

Tomato recipes

Larry Pfarr from Minneapolis shares delicious tomato recipes. Tomatoes are so in season these days, and these recipes make for great use of the locally grown tomatoes. The video features tomato watermelon salad, stuffed tomatoes, tomato pasta, and a fresh take on tomato sandwiches. Find more tomato recipes on Recipebridge.

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Florida Fresh Tomatoes


April is the Fresh Florida Tomato Month April is Fresh Florida Tomato Month, and tomatoes are said to originally have come from Peru and have been in the past widely considered as an aphrodisiac! Technically a fruit, it is versatile, fleshy and juicy and can be used in many dishes from sweet to savoury, hot […]

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