3 Million Recipes

3 Million Recipes

Just in time for Valentine’s Day and in the quest to cook something for your valentine, RecipeBridge the leading recipe search engine has just indexed its 3 millionth recipe.

Since being acquired in June 2011 by the team at Gourmet Ads, we’ve engineered a dedicated recipe search robot that comprehensively indexes recipes from right around the internet. Recipes are in all types of formats on the internet, but we thing we’ve created a way to index them and compare them against each other, providing the best recipes at the top of the results.

The good news is, we’re only getting started. In our mission to index every recipe that’s published on the internet, helping people find the best recipe to cook. You can keep track of how many recipes we’ve indexed on the homepage of RecipeBridge.

In the coming weeks we’ll be adding two new great features to the site, so stay tuned to RecipeBridge blog for announcements.

So if you’re a site owner and your recipes are not included in RecipeBridge, then submit your site here http://www.recipebridge.com/submit

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 13th 2012
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