5 Ways To Cook Crab Claws

crab claws

Crab claws are delicious and easy to prepare

Crabs are a widely prepared and eaten crustaceans around the world. While some species are eaten whole like the soft shell crabs, with other species crab claws and legs are relished. Particularly, with larger crab varieties the claws are immensely popular all over the world. The snow crab, Alaskan king crab, blue crab, cromer crab etc. are some of the more popular varieties prepared and eaten.

Crab claws are surprisingly easy to prepare and cook, contrary to the popular belief that they are hard to cook. The meat in crab claws/legs is extremely succulent and flavorful, and snow white in color. Interestingly people use various tools from nutcrackers to pliers to knives and forks to reach the meat inside the claws.

The easiest way to cook crab claws would be to saute garlic in butter, add the crab claws, let that sit for 15 minutes and season with salt, pepper, and lemon juice. There are many recipes for crab claws on Recipebridge.

Ways to cook crab claws

  1. Steamed crab claws
  2. Boiled crab claws
  3. Baked crab claws
  4. Marinated crab claws
  5. Fried crab claws

What other ways do you cook crab claws?

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer January 5th 2013
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