6 Rainbow Dishes to Add Color to Your Plate

Rainbow Color Pasta

Natural Food Color vs Synthetic Food Color

Colors add a special touch to the everyday food. Though mostly associated with kids food and dishes, thoughtful addition of food color can add a zing to the adult food as well. It can create a visual enchantment for the kids as well as for the adults.

In general, food color is just an additive dye that imparts color to food products or any dish. At the same time food colors are tested by the FDA well enough for safety. Alternately many natural dyes can also impart color to the food, for example, squid ink is often used to color pasta, paprika for red, turmeric for yellow, caramel coloring from caramelized sugar, betanin from beets and so on.

In general, if you want traditionally colored dishes, then going with synthetic food colors is your best bet. However, if you are concerned with using food dyes then the natural vegetable dyes and juices can impart pretty colors to your food endeavors. At the same time creating food combinations with colorful veggies and fruits also creates visually appealing colorful plates.

Rainbow Color Dishes from Recipebridge

Here’s our pick for 6 rainbow dishes to dazzle the eye:

Find these and more rainbow color recipes from Recipebridge.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer June 11th 2012
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