8 Delicious Ways To Green Beans

Green beans

Healthy goodness of green beans

With many different varieties across the world, green beans are fast becoming one of the most used vegetables worldwide. Packed full of healthy goodness, these long and thing beans don’t just taste great, but they are good for us too!

Surprisingly, green beans are a great source of carotenoids – a healthy pigment found in various health foods and usually associated with carrots and spinach. However, it is the high carotenoid content of green beans that makes them such a great health food.

With many antioxidants, and lots of nutrients such as Vitamin C, green beans are a great way of boosting your antioxidant intake in order to help improve digestive health and support your immune system. These antioxidants have also been proven to help reduce inflammation and to help your cardiovascular health, and the omega 3 found in the green beans is an essential part of promoting health hearts.

Recipes using green beans

A very versatile vegetable, green beans are grown in abundance over the summer months and appear in a lot of recipes whatever the season!

Here’s our pick for recipes using green beans:

To keep your green beans fresh, store them in a zip lock bag at the bottom of your refrigerator where it is coolest – they can last up to 5 days when stored.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer July 17th 2012
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