Celebrate The National Have a Coke Day

Coke Introduction

Everyone’s favorite – Coke

Following some interesting national food observances, on the heels of National Orange Juice Day and the National Beverage Day, today is the National Have a Coke Day. Our infograph from visual.ly shows some interesting facts about this favorite drink. As the infograph shows Coca Cola or Coke was invented by pharmacist Dr. John Pemberton, back in the 19th century, though it was popularized by Asa Chandler, who founded the Coca Cola company after Dr. Pemberton died. Nevertheless, it emerged as the most popular carbonated drink over the centuries and consumed worldwide.

Coke recipes

Believe it or not, besides being a popular beverage, Coke is often used in many cocktails, desserts and what not! So why not indulge in some of these fun Coke recipes today in honor of the National Have a Coke Day:

So enjoy this popular drink many ways and cheers on the National Have a Coke Day!



Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer May 8th 2012
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