6 Indulgent Recipes to Celebrate Cheese Today

National Cheese Day

National Cheese Day today

A milk-based product, cheese has many uses and can be found in a multitude of recipes from across the globe. Cheese is mainly made up of the proteins and fats of milk and can go through a variety of different processes in order to give each type its own unique flavor. It’s National Cheese Day today, so why not celebrate this delicate food and indulge in some good cheeses.

There are around 2,500 cheeses in the world and each of these can be organised into five main categories:

  1. How they are ripened
  2. Whether they have been processed
  3. How much moisture they contain
  4. How old they are
  5. Where the milk has come from

Fun Cheese Facts:

  •  The first cheese factory was established in 1851.
  • The French spend 7% of their food budget on cheese.
  • The US is the top cheese producer in the world.
  • Processed cheese was first made in 1915.
  • A rare ‘moose’ cheese is made in Sweden which is sold for $1000 per kg.
  • A massive half ton block of cheese was sculpted into a crown to mark the Queen’s coronation in 2010. It took Tanys Pullin 90 hours to make.
  • Cheese has been found in Egyptian tombs from over 4000 years ago!
  • Mozzarella is the most consumed type of cheese in the US, cheddar takes a close second.

Cooking With Cheese

Cheese can be added as a topping to a variety of dishes, as a seasoning, extra flavouring or can make up the main part of a recipe. Whatever its usage, experiment with different types of cheese in order to widen your scope and truly appreciate the variety available to you – you certainly won’t regret it!

Here’s our pick of some delicious cheese recipes:

Enjoy these cheese recipes and find more cheese recipes on Recipebridge.com.


Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer June 4th 2012
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