Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

Guacamole for Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Fare for Cinco de Mayo

May 5th is celebrated as Cinco de Mayo, a celebration of Mexican heritage and culture. This means it is the perfect time of year to drink and eat Mexican foods and beverages and commemorate all things Mexican such as tacos and desserts.

Get in the spirit, and enjoy some of these Mexican dishes:

Mexican Chicken Empanadas – A bit like a Cornish pasty, a chicken empanada is a traditional Mexican dish wrapped in  pastry and stuffed with chicken, seasoning, olives, chillies, eggs and lots of spice.

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Tacos – Another fantastically traditional and tasty Mexican dish, tacos are crispy tortillas with a range of fillings – usually ground beef or chicken and then topped with garnishes and various condiments such as guacamole or salsa.

Recipebridge has has many taco recipes.

Grilled Corn – Corn on the cob is a delicious barbeque treat which can be done really well on the grill too. With slight pieces that are charred and with plenty of seasoning, the corn can taste exciting and have a unique taste.

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Guacamole – Blending avacados with lime juice and lots of chopped cilantro, guacamole recipes are a must to go with any Cinoc de Mayo meal.

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Treats for Cinco de Mayo

Mexican Desserts – Flans, churros and other Mexican desserts are a great treat for Cinco de Mayo. A flan is a beautifully sweet treat with a soft and jelly-like texture and the caramel gives it a great spicy flavour.

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Churros, similar to doughnuts in terms of texture, they are usually long and thin and go really well dipped in hot chocolate.

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Alternatively, you might like to make sweet (as opposed to savoury) enchiladas such as an Apple Enchiladas – served in tortilla wraps, you can make a sweet and fruity filling out of apples, cinnamon, butter, white and brown sugar and a little water. A margarita cake is another popular dish which is slightly less traditional but beautifully Mexican and ideal for lovers of boozy desserts.

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Enjoy these and celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style!




Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer May 5th 2012
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