The Classic Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice cream infograph

We all scream for ice cream!

In 1776, the first ice cream parlor opened in the New York City, since then ice cream has been the quintessential American dessert. At the same time, it’s world’s beloved dessert as well. Our fun infograph today shows much popular ice cream flavors and what they say about you.

At the same time, tomorrow, June 7th we also celebrate the National Chocolate Ice Cream day! Though vanilla still tops as the most popular ice cream flavor, chocolate is a close runners up. This creamy, delicious flavor is now favorited in form of mint chocolate chip or chocolate chip and dark chocolate ice cream flavors as well.

Host an ice cream social to celebrate

So why not host an ice cream social with chocolate ice cream and an array of toppings to celebrate this sweet treat.

Find chocolate ice cream recipes on Recipbridge or toppings recipes for your ice cream social.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer June 6th 2012
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