The Classic Strawberry Sundae

strawberry sundae

National Strawberry Sundae Day

Today is National Strawberry Sundae Day, and is a great day to cool down whilst indulging in some truly delicious classic strawberry ice cream. Ice cream can be dated all the way back to 37AD and has not dwindled in popularity over the years. Strawberry is the ultimate ice cream flavour because it is a refreshing summer treat, and when strawberries are abundant in the summer months, now is a great time to start making your very own strawberry summer sundaes!

The first fruit to ripen in the spring, strawberries are extremely popular, the only fruit to have seeds on the outside, and have a wide range of nutrients and many health benefits. Strawberries are low in fat, and rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and potassium, improving your immune system, regulating your blood sugar levels, helping digestive health and reducing the risk of cancers.

Strawberries and cream is a quintessentially British dish, but strawberry sundae itself was supposedly invented in Wisconsin by Edward C Berners in 1881. The main components of a strawberry sundae are of course: Strawberries, caster sugar, vanilla or strawberry ice cream. Then, depending on your preferences you can either top your sundae with toasted pecans or amaretti biscuits!

  • 18 strawberries, hulled
  • 3 tbsp golden caster sugar
  • 4 tbsp orange juice
  • 284ml pot double cream
  • strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream
  • 6 small bananas
  • 50g pecans, toasted and chopped
  1. Place 12 of the strawberries in a food processor with 2 tbsp of sugar and the orange juice.
  2. Pulse until coarsely chopped and chill. Softly whip the cream with the remaining sugar. Put a scoop of each flavour of ice cream into 6 bowls and freeze.
  3. When ready to serve, chop the remaining strawberries and add to the bowls.
  4. Cut the bananas in half lengthways and add them to the bowls. Drizzle some strawberry sauce over each sundae and finish with a dollop of cream and some nuts.

A dollop of this goes really well on top of a hot chocolate fudge cake, or stands really well on its own as a delicious summery dessert.

Set Up Your Own Sundae Bar

  • Why should you have all the fun making the sundaes? Why not set up your own sundae bar and host a summer party with friends, your kids and bring the families together?
  • Get plenty of dessert bowls and spoons ready and place them at one end of a long table, ready for guests to pick them up and move along the “production line”.
  • Place heavy spoons or ice cream scoopers into each flavour of ice cream or keep a warm bowl of water handy to allow rinsing between uses.
  • Put out your ice cream; vanilla is the best choice as it goes with everything, although giving guests a choice of strawberry or chocolate is a good idea too!
  • Have a few varieties of sauces to hand – hot fudge, chocolate, strawberry and caramel are always a popular choice.
  • Have plenty of sprinkles, nuts, cookies and fresh fruit slices to top the sundae creations with and you will be a very popular host!

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer July 7th 2012
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