The Colourful Candy Corn Day

The Colourful Candy Corn Day

The National Candy Corn Day

Candy corn – a famous American treat especially popular around Halloween and is fantastically fat free – a feature that probably wouldn’t really impress many children but definitely makes a lot of adults out there feel a lot less guilty about eating it!

National Candy Corn Day is on the 30th October in the US and has been celebrated for over a century. Just like every other event on the calendar, National Candy Corn Day has become a very big deal amongst many Americans and is a great way of extending the Halloween celebrations over two days as well.

Candy Corn was invented all the way back in 1880 and was created by George Renninger of the Wunderlee Candy Company. Due to its massive popularity, candy corn began to get mass produced by other companies too and today is one of the most popular candies for Halloween.

The Halloween themed colours of the candy corn are quintessentially autumnal, have yellow, orange and white colours included and are golden to look at. Candy Corn is not only produced at this time of year though, it is so popular that it can be bought for all kinds of occasions throughout the year, and at Christmas, the colours used in the candy corn are usually green, red, and white – very festive colours, and a great treat to have in a small bowl on a coffee table for guests to nibble on! Find some recipes for candy corn nibbles on Recipebridge.

The mellow yet sweet flavours of the candy corn are what make this confectionary an American favourite. Seeing as National Candy Corn Day is the day before Halloween, it is no wonder that it is the official candy for Halloween.

Fun Facts about Candy Corn:

  • 35 million pounds of candy corn are produced in one year
  • A cup of candy corn has fewer calories than a cup of raisins
  • Halloween accounts for 75% of all annual candy corn production
  • One piece of candy corn contains 3.57 calories

The creativity of the uses of candy corn means that Americans can enjoy the sweet treat all year round, and Halloween is a great time to celebrate its usage. Making candy corn yourself can be extremely intricate so it is best left to the experts – let them make it and then you can concentrate on enjoying it’s lovely sweet flavours. Find some out the box candy corn recipes on Recipebridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer October 30th 2011
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