Decadent Valentine Cookies and Treats

Valentine Cookies

Whip up some special Valentine Cookies this season

Valentine cookies play a massive part in the Valentine’s Day festivities and it with this in mind that so many people either buy or bake cookies and other sweet treats for their loved ones. A great way of impressing your other half on Valentine’s Day is by whipping up some Valentine’s cookies and treats and making them feel truly special. Cookies, macaroons, cupcakes, and heart shaped candies are just some of the lovely sweet treats that you can send to your beaux this February 14th.


Valentine’s Day is about sharing the love –s o why not personalise your cookies? Either bake your favourite person their favourite chocolate chip cookies, bake some beautifully spicy gingerbread people (maybe make them hold hands, or is that a bit much?), or just create some heart shaped cookies and get creative with the pink icing or personalised frosting.

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Meringue and Macaroons

Often confused with one another, meringues and macaroons can look similar but are totally different treats altogether. A meringue cookie is crisp throughout but has a slightly crumbly texture when bitten into, whereas macaroons are quite hard but with a slightly chewier texture. Whether it is small cakes or meringue-style cookies that you want to create, these little confections are a beautifully light treat for your lover.

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Heart shaped candies and truffles are the perfect gift to give your Valentine this February 14th. If you’re not feeling particularly adventurous, buying “Lovehearts” aka “Sweethearts” with little messages inscribed on them such as “Be Mine” and “I Love U” is the easy option. Homemade Valentine’s candies can be anything from truffles, to nuts, to fudge, to chocolate drops. Whatever you choose to make, this is a great way of sharing the love.

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If you are a bit of a baking novice but want to make an effort for your loved one on Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s cookies and treats are the perfect way to show you care. Cupcakes are easy to bake and are also great fun to decorate. A simple and sweet cupcake recipe with pink or red icing on top brings out the valentine’s theme even more, and using writing icing to put special messages on your cupcakes makes them even more special.

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Cake Pops

If you like lollipops and cakes, then you will love cake pops. These sweet treats are small pieces or cake coated in either chocolate or icing and then placed on a lollipop stick. There is something extremely reminsicsent of childhood about eating things off a stick, so if you want to appeal to your loved one’s inner child, these little things are the perfect solution.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 11th 2012
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