The Almost Ethereal Green Peas

The Almost Ethereal Green Peas

Are green peas legumes?

Green peas can be the oddest of things and have been surrounded in debate by all food lovers who want them placed in specific categories – and so begins the question: Are green peas fruit, vegetables, or legumes?

Traditionally eaten alongside meat dishes and thrown in with casseroles, pies and stews, it is simple enough to presume that the green pea is a vegetable. If we are getting technical, green peas are in fact legumes. A legume is an edible seed or pod, and seeing as green peas can be eaten either in or out of their pods, it can technically be classed as a legume.

So now all the technicalities are out of the way, you are probably wondering what is so great about green peas anyway, right? Well, eating green peas can have fantastic health benefits. They are low in calories, high in protein and packed full of nutrients including iron. Not only this, but they are also a great source of vitamin C, and thanks to the fibre that they contain, they can also help reduce cholesterol levels.

Getting kids to eat green peas can be something of a challenge, especially if your children don’t like the look of anything remotely colourful on their plates. This is where a little creativity comes in – mixing mushy peas into sandwich fillings could be a good way to start. You can find some very creative recipes to combat this on Recipebridge.

Fresh or frozen green peas?

Fresh green peas are great additions to many meals, however we realise that buying frozen vegetables can be a lot more convenient. In fact, frozen green peas retain their taste, colour and texture even after being frozen. Freezing your green peas can not only be a fantastic way of locking in flavour, it is also a great way for saving money too. By using the peas that you want and replacing the bag back in freezer holding the remaining peas, you can save yourself throwing away fresh peas that you may not end up using.

So what is there not to like about green peas? They are great for your health, and frozen peas can also benefit your pocket as well and can stop you spending ridiculous amounts on fresh produce. Green peas are for everyone, and are also great when included in gourmet recipes. Find some of your favorite green peas recipes on Recipebridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer November 7th 2011
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