My Favourite Autumn Fruits

Autumn Fruits

The colorful autumn fruits

Autumn is the time of year where everyone still tries to hold onto the summer, and autumn fruits depict just the same. Before long however, the leaves begin to fall off the trees and crunch under our feet and we all have to accept the fact that autumn has begun once we don our thick coats for the first time in months. Why not embrace autumn and all that it has to offer? It is a wonderful time of year for new recipes – so what if it’s a little bit cold? Let’s enjoy it!


Autumn fruits are a great way of easing yourself into the leafy season, where a simple ingredient such as an apple can really enhance so many recipes. Halloween in particular is famous for its candy apples, a beautifully crispy apple coated in sugared candy. As apples are harvested around this time of year, it makes sense to include them in your recipes, and if that recipe is making your homemade candy apples or apples pies, so be it.


With regards to autumn fruits, it is towards the end of Autumn that plums begin to go out of season, so what better way to see them off in style than to get them involved in creating a spicy plum chutney? It’s great as a side sauce to a meal, or is great when used as pie, cake or crumble fillings. The sweetness of the plums within the recipe plus the sharpness of the vinegar make this autumnal treat a delight to eat. Find your favorite plum recipes on Recipebridge.


Another of the classical autumn fruits is the pear. One of the top twenty popular fruits in the USA, they are not only tasty but are also a fantastic fruity addition to many seasonal recipes such as pear and ginger muffins, or pear and walnut bread which has a gorgeously earthy taste to it and goes well with a little light cheese spread on top. It is a fantastically warming snack, especially when served hot. Recipebridge features an array of pear recipes you’ll love to try.


As with many autumn fruits, raspberries swell to perfection in the autumn sun, so it is at this time that they taste their best.  They are a great addition to many autumnal dessert recipes and go really well in cakes, either within the ingredients or on top as a decoration.


You can’t mention autumn fruits without talking about the quince. A quince comes from the pear family but has a sharp taste to the flesh until after it has been baked. Similar to a squash, its exterior is pretty solid but its flesh is beautifully soft once cooked. They are a great addition to apple pies of you want to increase the tartness of the recipe; however quinces in jams and jellies are absolutely to die for. I made a beautifully delectable quince jam at the weekend and it tasted delicious spread on a hot buttered crumpet – if that doesn’t get your taste buds tingling I don’t know what will!

So embrace the autumn and make the most of the fact that our autumn fruits are here and are at our disposal. There are so many autumnal recipes available for these autumn fruits – just have fun experimenting!

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer October 28th 2011
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