Your Favourite Dining Experience?

Dining Experience

What’s your favorite dining experience?

When it comes to eating out, we all want it to be a pleasant if not wonderful experience. If a restaurant doesn’t deliver what we would regard as a ‘good’ dining experience, then we are very unlikely to return. So many restaurants get so many aspects of the full dining experience perfect, and some get it so horribly wrong – so what makes great dining experiences for you?

Service is one of the main factors that can make or break a dinner service for me. Being greeted at the door then shown to a seat as quickly as possible is one. Being welcomed by the host or waitress with a smile on their face is another – it is surprising how much miserable waiters can really make you feel unwanted in a restaurant!

Not only is service with a smile essential to the best dining experiences, but the service also needs to be attentive without being too desperately over-keen. Taking drinks orders then happily coming back to take food orders should come as second nature to the service staff. This brings us onto my next point – timing.

When waiters/waitresses give you too long to look at your menu, you tend to change your mind or forget what you were ready to order. Decide and then close the menu so that you look ready to order. Although it doesn’t put me off dining out, a pet hate of mine is when service staff come and ask how your meal is…when you have a mouth full of food. At which point you have to smile and nod, rather than actually being able to say anything!

Noise levels in a restaurant, diner or cafe can affect the way you eat. If you are the type of person who likes a lot of hustle and bustle around the table as you eat, then that is totally up to you, as this can add to a more exciting atmosphere. A more refined and quietly intimate venue might suit dining experiences for couples on a romantic date better.

Cleanliness is such a basic requirement that it is hardly worth mentioning; however feeling like you are eating in a well-maintained dining area can instantly put you at ease. It is therefore important for the presentation of the restaurant to seem spotless too – an uncluttered dining area with tables spread far enough apart so that all diners aren’t sitting shoulder to shoulder makes for much better dining experiences.

No matter what, good food tops the list for the best dining experience!

No matter what all the external factors are, the food that you are served is the most important factor in creating the perfect dining experiences, and it can really be the decider on whether you are drawn back to that place. A perfect appetiser, an ideal entree, a most delectable dessert, or a combination of all three can do the trick in making you want to return.

Where are your favourite places to dine? Do you have any great dining experiences that you would like to share? Feel free to post your memorable dining experience on our Facebook page or Tweet us!

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer December 10th 2011
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