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Add the freshness of herbs

It’s not just farmers who are growing their own fresh herbs these days, in fact, anyone with a love of gardening or food (or both) can enjoy growing and using their own herbs in fantastic new recipes. Whether it is a sweet or savory dish that needs a little garnish or just a hint of extra flavor, finishing with herbs is the best way to do it. Herbs are great for garnishing as they add flavor, freshness and a different texture to the rest of the dish.


Not just a great tasting herb, basil also has many health benefits. Proven to help your cardiovascular system and reduce inflammation it is also a great source of iron and Vitamin K. It comes in both dry and fresh forms, although fresher is better when it comes to cooking as it has a much more fragrant flavour. A few sprigs of fresh basil on top of a pesto-based pasta dish will beautifully compliment the basil already in the pesto!


Part of the onion family, chives are great herbs to finish off your culinary creation. Having been used in cooking since the Middle Ages, these are some of the oldest used herbs in the world and its multiple health benefits are a great reason to use chives in your cooking. Great for use on top of mashed potatoes, soups or macaroni cheese!


Tarragon, and more specifically French tarragon is a great herb to finish with and is usually used in fish or chicken recipes. Used as ancient medicines, it has been proven to remedy toothache, improve digestive health, and stimulate your hunger!


Cilantro or coriander as it is more commonly known is a popular herb used all over the world. It has a multitude of health benefits including antioxidants that flush out antibodies, plenty of magnesium and iron, and is known to be a great anti inflammatory aid. It not only makes a great finishing herb but is also great in spicy or tangy dishes such as salsa.


One of the most versatile herbs out there, mint can be used in a variety of dishes from sweet to savory and hot to cold. As a garnish and served raw and chilled, mint has a very refreshing quality which is why it is often used in cocktails or frozen in ice cubes to make summer drinks more tasty and delicious! It can be made into a sauce which goes beautifully with roast lamb and new potatoes, and is an exciting addition to any salad that needs an extra flavor to make it a bit more flavorful!

Find more uses of these herbs on Recipebridge

Find recipes using these herbs on Recipebridge.

If you want to know how to garnish your food then look at these great herbs and see if you can add them to your next recipe creation! Find more ways to use herbs in dishes on Recipebridge.


Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer August 12th 2012
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