Food Brands on Pinterest

Food Brands on Pinterest

How food brands are using Pinterest?

Pinterest is a site which features a virtual pinboard which you can personalise with your own interests. Similar to your own corkboard you may have hanging in your kitchen with various recipes attached to it, Pinterest is a new interactive version of this idea. Rather than spending time finding magazine cuttings of some new recipes, Pinterest is the ideal site if you want to have all your favourite foods and recipes in one place.

You can find Recipebridge on Pinterest and “pin” some of the recipes to your own virtual, personalised boards to show the online community your interests. As well as Recipebridge, many other brands and food companies have a presence on Pinterest:

Chobani – This famous American yoghurt brand offers nutritional tips, healthy recipes using Chobani yoghurt, plus tips and slogans about how to stay healthy. As the official sponsor of the US team for the London 2012 Olympics, health and fitness is this brand’s top priority. See Chobani on Pinterest.

Cabot Cheese – An award winning cheese brand, Cabot is based in the hills of Vermont. The brand’s presence on Pinterest is helpful, inspiring and fun, with plenty of pin boards to choose from including Appetizers and Snacks, Main Dishes and Lactose Free, cheese lovers will always find creative cheese recipes on Recipebridge. The Pinterest page of Cabot Cheese is equally creative.

Panera Bread – With chain stores dotted across the United States and Canada, Panera Bread is a bakery cafe with a decent following on Pinterest. With tips on how to make healthier sandwiches and ways to get active, Panera are yet another company with nutrition at the forefront of their minds.

Starbucks – With over 1000 followers, Starbucks needs little introduction. The biggest coffee house company in the world, its Pinterest pages are ideal for coffee lovers, students and office workers alike.

Tyson Recipes – With its headquarters in Arkansas, the Tyson brand is well known across the US and beyond as one of the largest food manufacturers of processed meats and poultry. Its recipes on Pinterest allow Tyson lovers to bond over their favourite meat creations.

Mrs Dash Recipes – A seasoning company, this brand is loved by professional and amateur chefs everywhere. With its emphasis on low fat and low calorie products, they offer tips, tricks and recipes for you to try. Browse Mrs Dash’s Pinterest page.

Kraft Recipes – Kraft foods sell products from all varieties of foods to beverages to confectionery. Their Pinterest page has a huge following, and their pins are packed full of new dessert recipes, gadgets, or special occasion recipes to name a few!

Jennie-O Recipes – The popular turkey manufacturer has some great pins on Pinterest. Ideal for turkey lovers, Jennie-O offers low fat, grilled and burger recipes for its fans to try among many other things. Find Jennie-O pins on Pinterest.

Whole Foods – This inclusive company covers a whole range of foods and has a phenomenal 22,600+ followers. With artistic food creations to share with you, tips for how to celebrate various occasions and many more pins, Whole Foods has many popular Pinterest pins!

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If you love Recipebridge and Pinterest sounds like your kind of thing, then show the love by pinning Recipebridge on Pinterest, you’ll find plenty of recipes from baked to seafood to salads – ideal for food lovers!


Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer April 23rd 2012
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