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Pinterest is a social network in the form of a virtual pin board which lets you collect and organise all your favourite online things. From recipes, to decoration ideas to wedding inspiration, all member of Pinterest can gather and share their interests with others by putting a “pin” in their items of choice. A “pin” could be a video, an image or other content which can be selected and added to your personal board.

With more and more food bloggers, food enthusiasts and experimental cooks out there joining Pinterest, we thought we’d share with you a few of the food publishers which are already on the site. These publishers are well known and lesser known brands and by browsing each of the publisher’s pin boards and pins, you may discover new recipes, healthy options, nutrition tips, or dinner party menu ideas, thus making Pinterest ideal for food lovers everywhere.

Here are a few of the food publishers on the site which may interest you:

Epicurious – A publisher dedicated to restaurants, recipes, cooking, drinks and entertainment, Epicurious explores food-based occasions such as Passover and Easter, and everything else in between. Find Epicurious on Pinterest.

Real Simple – A publisher whose primary focus is making the reader’s life simple, Real Simple’s pin board is ideal for anyone who needs dinner time, decoration or wedding inspiration. With categories covering all aspects of the home, you are sure to find many pins you like. See Real Simple on Pinterest.

Saveur – Originally a magazine which celebrated the culture of food, Saveur’s pin board is a great place for food lovers to enter contests, pick up new recipes and learn new cooking techniques too. See Saveur on Pinterest.

Donna Hay Home – An Australian celebrity chef, Donna Hay has published cookbooks and her pins illustrate personal interests including ideas for the home and things she loves – a great way of connecting with someone you admire! See Donna Hay Home on Pinterest.

Gourmet Live – With recipes for every meal and practically every occasion, pins found on Gourmet Live is a great way to connect with food experts. See Gourmet Live’s Pinterest page.

Food Network – Possibly one of the most well renowned publishers in the world, Food Network take a positive, teaching style approach to its pins. With recipe ideas and cooking techniques to suit everyone, you are sure to want to save a few of the network’s pins!

Cooking Channel – Re-watch videos from your favourite food shows, or get recipes for all kinds of occasions using a variety of ingredients. Ideal for vegetarians, meat eaters, cocktail lovers and everyone else! Find Cooking Channel on Pinterest.

Food Dot Com – Designed for home cooks, is a huge online cooking community and Pinterest has expanded this even further with food lovers everywhere being able to connect over common cooking interests. See Food Dot Com on Pinterest.

Cooking Light – Whether you want fast, easy, creative or seasonal meals, Cooking Light offers recipes, ingredients and party ideas for you to celebrate you love of food.

Food 52 – From simple recipes, to One Pot Wonders, to Kid’s Meal Ideas, Food 52 is a great place for those who love spending time in the kitchen to share tips and connect with others. Find Food 52 on Pinterest.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer May 7th 2012
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