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The any time frittatas

Similar to the egg-based omelette, frittatas are great traditional Italian dish eaten as a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinnertime meal. The recipes are easier to make than an omelette, and makes the ideal meal if you are in a hurry!

Often served with cheese and vegetables, frittatas are also cooked with meat too. The egg mixture usually is solidified in a pan to begin with and then transferred to the oven to cook through. Unlike it’s brother dish the omelette, frittatas are also often served cold instead of hot, making it a great buffet dish.

Tips To Make the Perfect Frittatas

  • Always whisk your eggs and add seasoning to your frittata mix before adding to the pan.
  • Use a fork to evenly distribute the egg across the pan or skillet.
  • Wait for the top to firm before you flip it.
  • Serve in wedges like a pizza!

Things to Avoid When Making Frittatas:

  • Don’t stir whilst it cooks.
  • Don’t flip too early or it will be runny.
  • If using cheese, grate it as thick sliced cheese will not melt easily.
  • Don’t take your eye of your frittatas – once played on the broiler, it needs only a couple of minutes, so don’t let it burn!

Here are some of our favorite frittatas that you’ll love:

What are some of your favorite frittatas?

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 23rd 2012
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