Grilling Steak Myths Debunked

Grilling Steak Myths Debunked

Myths for grilling steak

Myth 1 – One rule for grilling fits all

Many people are under the impression that the cut and thickness of the steak doesn’t matter when grilling. Thin cuts of steak are likely to dry out quickly and therefore lose flavour, but thicker cuts of steak are likely to retain more juices and therefore have a better taste.

Myth 2 – Check doneness by cutting the steak open

Although cutting your steak to check the middle to see if it’s done might seem like the best plan, this can release all the delicious juices from the meat. It is best instead to check it by touch and make sure you have timed it properly. For a rare steak, one to two minutes per side should be sufficient and it should be soft to the touch after it’s cooked. On the other end of the scale, a well done steak will be harder to the touch.

Myth 3 – Constantly turn the steaks whilst cooking

Time it properly and only flip your steak once – twice if absolutely necessary. Touching the meat too much doesn’t allow it to cook properly which could ultimately affect the taste.

Myth 4 – Steak tastes great on its own; there’s no need to season it

You need to ensure you have the right seasoning, marinades and rubs. Even the highest quality grade cuts need a little seasoning. Just a simple rub of olive oil, salt and pepper is a great way of creating a tasty crust on the meat and adding delicious flavour. Apply just before the steak goes on the grill and not before or the salt could dehydrate the meat and take away its juiciness.

Myth 5 – A barbeque fork is ideal for turning your steak

Make sure you have the right tools before you start grilling your steak. Stabbing your steak with a barbeque fork will release the juices and will make your steak less tasty. However, a set of tongs allows you to lift up and turn your steak with ease without stabbing it.

Myth 6 – Fat makes steaks too chewy

The fat that runs through a prime cut steak is what makes a steak delicious. The thin streaks that you can see when it is uncooked create a marbling effect which is a very desirable characteristic for a steak to have. The fat creates delicious juices when it is cooked and makes the steak tender and soft to bite into.

Myth 7 – Steaks taste best when straight off the grill

Allowing your steak to rest after it has been grilled is the best way to get the most out of its flavour. Steaks need to rest just a few minutes from the heat. The steak grows harder under the intensity of the heat and relaxes when removed from this heat. This means that when it is resting, the juices can flow back into all parts of the steak making it a truly delicious cut.

Grilling the perfect steak

Avoid the myths above and you are on your way to grilling the perfect steak to enjoy. Find your favorite grilled steak recipes on Recipebridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer August 2nd 2012
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