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Home gardening

Growing your own foods is rewarding and delicious

We came across this interesting infograph about home gardening, showing most popular vegetables and foods grown in home vegetable patches. Growing your own veggies and fruits at home brings us even closer to our food experiences. Grown organically they provide fresh flavors and taste to our every day meals. There is an estimated 40% US homes with food garden or even small vegetable patches.

Some of the most popular foods grown in home gardens include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, squashes and herbs. Often towards the end of harvest season in the fall, many food contests create interest in local communities including the largest pumpkins, zucchini races, salsa competitions etc.

Use your home grown foods to host a farm-to-table dinner

Popular home grown foods and veggies are versatile enough to create many recipes using these fresh ingredients. You’ll see the difference in the quality and taste of these foods. So why not get together with some friends in the long summer evenings to create some fresh delicious recipes from your vegetable patch.

Click on the links below to find recipes to enjoy fresh ingredients from your home garden:

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer June 24th 2012
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