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Salads for a healthy start

Salads can come in many forms, and can be leafy or just a combination of lots of fresh vegetables. No matter how you like your salad, one thing is for sure – it is one of the healthiest meals you can eat. Whether you are eating it as a sandwich filling, as a side dish or as an entree, it is time to try some new recipes and get you really excited about salad!

You might think that a basic salad’s main components are lettuce leaves, tomatoes and cucumber. Although these can make a great basis for several salads, in general salads can have many different vegetables which make them special and delicious.

Leafy salads can contain lettuce, rocket, spinach, and maybe watercress. These salads can be very green in colour meaning that they are full of chlorophyll which makes them low in calories and highly nutritious. Adding protein such as meat or fish to a salad can not only boost its nutrition levels, but it can also add flavour and make the salad more filling. Similarly, adding grains such as rich, qunioa or couscous can also make the salad a lot more filling and the grains can help make the dish a slow-burning and low fat meal for anyone who wants to lose weight.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 20th 2012
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