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Savor the sweetness of blueberries

Small, sweet berries from a healthy small shrub, blueberries are some of the healthiest berries on the market today. With a multitude of health benefits and such a great flavour, it is no wonder that these little juicy things are so popular across the world and have gained status as a “superfood”.

In terms of health benefits, blueberries are one of the highest forms of fruit when it comes to antioxidants, and are mainly native to North America. The antioxidants which blueberries contain have been proven to help the nervous system and memory. Freezing blueberries can lock in their nutrients and no nutritional value should be lost after defrosting them. Blueberries are also known to have great cardiovascular benefits, with the ability to lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar levels.

A traditional American favourite is the quintessential blueberry pie. Made with a thick, crumbly butter crust and a deliciously gooey blueberry filling, this is a easy to make and delicious dish to serve up for dessert. You can even opt for a simple recipe with a pre-made pie crust; it’s totally up to you (no one needs to know!).

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You will need about 675g blueberries, 1tbsp butter, 1tbsp plain flour, 1tbsp lemon juice, 100g caster sugar and 20cm pastry case (make sure this is baked and properly cooled down). Spread half the fresh blueberries across the bottom of the pastry case. Then, in a pan on a medium heat, mix the butter, flour, lemon juice and sugar together well. Add the other half of the blueberries and bring the mixture to the boil until the blueberries are beginning to pop open. Pour the hot berry mixture into the pastry case and leave to cool. Top with whipped cream and dust with cinnamon for a sweet treat after your entree! If you like a little spice, cinnamon can be added to the mixture too.

Adding blueberries to recipes

Although many people just like to eat raw blueberries (and this is the healthiest way to consume them!), there are many things you can do with them. They are great for adding a little colour to dull recipes, and are even better for adding a sweet flavour. Blueberry muffins, cakes waffles, loaves, and pancakes can all benefit from the addition of blueberries to the dish. They add a great colour,flavour, and texture to every meal they accompany and are a great healthy treat on their own.

Whether you snack on them throughout the day or sprinkle them across your cereal in the morning,blueberries are sure to become a firm favorite in your household! Add some to your children’s packed lunches and mix them into fruit salads to add new textures and flavours to dull dishes and you will soon be reaping the benefits of these super healthy blueberries.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 13th 2012
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