Is Honey an Aphrodisiac?


Honey-the nectar of Aphrodite!

We all have heard that oysters, vanilla and strawberries are types of aphrodisiacs, but what about honey?  Honey is the sweet substance made by bees using the nectar from flowers and there are hundreds if not thousands of types of honey in the world. The type of honey mainly depends on from which flowers the bees collect their nectar! The commercialisation of honey means that each blend can be made during the packing process to give it a more rounded flavour.

Also known as “the nectar of Aphrodite” (the Greek goddess of love and beauty), honey is known to be one of the most seductive foods in the world thanks to its sweet flavour and smooth texture. In Ancient Egypt, honey was considered a cure for impotence and many people drunk mead (a honey based drink) on their honeymoons to increase sexual desire.

Honey has a high content of vitamin B and amino acids; these are said to promote stamina and also increase energy, making them the ideal libido booster! Not only this, but honey also has some amazing health benefits too. Honey is a great natural carbohydrate and also a great source of natural sugars. This means that it is not only great for increasing endurance; it is also great for providing a constant level of sustained energy. Honey is also great for building up your immune system and can even make you feel better if you fall ill. It has been known to cure sore throats, burns, cuts and even insomnia!

Honey is an immensely versatile ingredient

Honey is amazingly versatile and can be used in many recipes from sweet to savoury, usually as a marinade ingredient or topping. Honey and Soy Chicken Wings is a great way to mix both the sweetness of honey and the salty flavours of the chicken and the soy sauce.

If you are looking for a sweeter alternative, and want to use honey in a dessert, you should try Honey Almond Ice Cream with Blackberry Sauce. The honey can be used to give the ice cream a distinct flavour as well as add a little sweetness and thickness to the fruity sauce.

Honey can also be used on roast lamb, pork, chicken or prawns and gives each dish its own unique flavour. If you want to make your boring old vegetables taste a bit different as well, try Honey and Lemon Glazed carrots – they are beautifully sweet and can add much more depth to any standard dish.

Honey can be used in yoghurts, spread on toast, as a sweetening ingredient for waffles or simply as a cordial in drinks. Whatever you end up using honey for, you are sure to enjoy its smoothness and its unique taste.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 10th 2012
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