Mastering Buffalo Wings

Buffalo wings

There’s no Super Bowl party without buffalo wings!

No, buffalo do not have wings. The ‘Buffalo’ referred to when we talk about buffalo wings is in fact the city in New York and is where this delicious dish came from. The spicy wings are in fact chicken wings and absolutely everyone loves them. They are great to pick at and make the perfect Super Bowl dish.

Did you know that Buffalo wings have been around since 1964? The dispute as to who first invented them still continues! Buffalo wings have become such a popular phenomenon over the years that there is even two days dedicated to them called the National Buffalo Wing Festival where there are cooking and eating competitions and various other events, all staged to celebrate the creation of buffalo wings. They are so popular that Hooters alone sell 30 million pounds of this chicken dish every year!

The Anchor Bar was said to have first created this snack and now sells the ‘original’ buffalo wing sauce for you to make your own Anchor Bar Style buffalo wings at home. However, if you want to try some recipes from scratch, then there are various homemade recipes that have been tried and tested by home cooks all over the globe which are so good that they even compete with the Anchor Bar’s recipe.

Recipes for buffalo wings

If you want to make your own buffalo wings to serve at a Super Bowl party or to share with guests at a buffet dinner, then look at Recipe Bridge’s wide variety of recipes for some tips. You’ll need at least 12 chicken wings (depending on how many you are catering for) and you will also need salt, paprika, melted butter, hot sauce and cayenne pepper. This delicious marinade needs to soak into the chicken wings for at least 30 minutes for you to benefit from its full flavour.

Alternative recipes may suggest that you cook the Buffalo wings in beef fat and incorporate other ingredients such as brown sugar or vinegar. The sweetness of the sugar beautifully contrasts with the spicy marinade and is a truly delicious addition to the recipe. Some recipes also give you alternative ways of cooking the chicken itself, so if you are looking at the slightly more healthy option, try baking your wings instead of frying them.

A Buffalo wings recipe wouldn’t be anything without its sharp tasting blue cheese dressing, celery and carrots. Use the blue cheese of your choice such as Gorgonzola or Stilton, and make sure you have the celery and carrot sticks ready for your guests to mop up their leftover marinade and sauce. It is also important to remember that Buffalo wings are quite spicy, so have plenty of sour cream to hand for those who prefer milder flavours!

Find the perfect buffalo wings recipe on Recipebridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer January 30th 2012
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