5 Caviar Dishes To Celebrate National Caviar Day

National Caviar Day

The luxury of Caviar

Caviar is a delicacy not everyone has tried. Nevertheless, it’s National Caviar Day, and the perfect day to try these delicate roe. Caviar is the processed, salted, and non fertilized roe of fish. Many people think caviar is any type of fish eggs, but the true roe comes from just four species of sturgeon found in the Caspian Sea, hence the luxury of caviar. Though sturgeon is now endangered in the Caspian Sea, so roe from many other fish are used for caviar. Some of the most popular ones include roe from  lumpfish, salmon, smelt, flying fish, trout, and carp.

Usually caviar is enjoyed as is since it’s quite salty. It’s often served as hors d’oeuvre, or as garnish to many dishes. You can find caviar at local grocery stores or specialty food stores. Here’s our top 5 picks for caviar dishes to try:

  1. Caviar Canapes Recipes
  2. Eggplant Caviar Recipes
  3. Salmon Caviar Recipes
  4. Trout Caviar Recipes
  5. Caviar Pancake Recipes

Have you tried caviar?

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer July 18th 2012
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