National Cupcake Day


Celebrating all things cupcake!

Today is National Cupcake Day and it is on this day that people all over the world are invited to celebrate all things cupcake-related. The cupcake was developed in 19th century America and was made famous by its convenient baking formula and basic ingredients. Over the years, cupcakes have grown from simple treats to hugely popular little desserts that come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavors with numerous recipes dedicated to them.

There is something special about cupcakes that make us feel like a child when we eat one. Perhaps it is the sweet flavours or the colourful icing that sparks the nostalgia. No matter what it is, these sweet cakes are a truly iconic American treat and they have become so popular that people all over the world have begun to try and break world records in attempting to bake the biggest cupcakes on the globe. The world’s biggest cupcake was created in London, England in July 2009 and weighed over 330 pounds!

Cupcakes are what you make them, and the size, shape, and ingredients you use can truly transform a cupcake from one thing into another. So whether you are using a basic cupcake recipe and experiment with frosting to top it with, or whether you are finding new and exciting ways to add colour and flavour to the cupcakes’ sponge, variety is great to try out.

Festive cupcakes this holiday season

The month of December is a time for food, and it is with this in mind that many people rush out to buy their turkeys. I say save yourself for the cupcakes – after all, if the weather outside really is ‘frightful’ then make sure you have a cup of tea and some cupcakes ready to warm you up when you get home.

You will find so many cupcake recipes available for you to make at home on Recipebridge that you may not know where to begin. Try starting simple and working your way up – a basic cupcake is a great place to start and is a wonderfully uncomplicated way to ease yourself into baking cupcakes. When you have found your feet, you can begin to experiment with different types such as the Caramel Apple Cupcakes, Vanilla Cupcakes, and Chocolate Chip Tiny Teddy Cupcakes.

If you are feeling extra adventurous and want to set yourself a challenge, try the beautifully delicious Jumbo Size Yogurt Marble Cupcakes (a firm favourite of mine!). The recipe requires some basic and easy-to-find ingredients and it doesn’t take long to mix the batter together ready to place in the oven.

Rich chocolates, lots of festive spices, and plenty of alcohol-soaked dried fruits make for great winter dining, so try incorporating all or just some of these into your cupcakes and they are sure to be a hit with your family, friends or whoever else you offer them to. Cupcakes are for sharing and are a great way to spread the love – so go for it and see how much you enjoy putting a smile on everyone’s faces!

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer December 15th 2011
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