The Perfect Super Bowl Feast

The perfect Super bowl feast

Throwing a winning Super Bowl party

The Super Bowl is the culmination of the NFL (National Football League) in the United States and is such a huge occasion that households all over America hold Super Bowl parties where friends can gather around a big screen to watch the final game of the season whilst drinking, eating and socialising with friends.

So if you are hosting your own Super Bowl party in February, make sure that you have a hearty Super Bowl feast to serve your guests. A sit-down meal is never going to work at this type of occasion – just get a buffet style selection of food spread across a large table and allow your guests to pick at leisure. Here are some of our favourite Super Bowl feast ideas that we are sure to be an instant hit:


One of the easiest and yet delicious snack you will ever make – and they are loved by so many that the plate is guaranteed to be empty by the end of the evening! Buy some plain tortilla chips and scatter them over a plate then create a Chicken and Bean sauce to pour over them. Sprinkle some grated cheese over the top and place under the heat until the cheese melts. Serve with guacamole, salsa or sour cream dip.

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Also known as mini burgers, these little treats are the perfect finger food components to your Super Bowl feast. Make them as tiny as you like and make the meat out of whatever you like. Maybe even make lots of varieties to keep everyone happy. Barbeque Chicken, Jalapeno, or Corned Beef and Irish cheddar sliders can all be found on Recipe Bridge and are easy to make and cute to eat!

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I don’t know what it is about the Super Bowl, but spicy food seems to feature a lot. If the hot foods out there really appeal to you, try making a chili based dish to serve at your Super bowl feast. Chili Con Carne, Chili Bean Nachos, and Chili tomato dip all accompany your sliders and nachos really well and are perfect dishes to complement the sliders and nachos you already have on your table.

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Made out of avocados, chilli peppers, garlic, tomatoes and various seasonings, the great thing about guacamole is the fact that it can be made to suit different tastes – for a more cooling and mild taste, chillies can be left out and this dip tastes great with tortilla chips, crackers, bread sticks or carrot sticks.

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Usually thought of as a ‘girlie’ drink, the margarita is a tequila based drink which will wash down your Super Bowl feast really well. A Beer Margarita is great for both beer and tequila lovers and can be made with limeade concentrate, tequila, salt, beer, ice and lime. Great tasting but this drink creeps up on you so sip with caution!

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What are your favorite dishes to serve for your Super Bowl feast?

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 4th 2012
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