What can I do with that Can of Pumpkin?

Pumpkin Recipes

The Fall Classic – Pumpkin

The pumpkin pie recipe has been around for such a long time that it is no wonder that so many recipes and so many different shortcuts have been created to make the perfect pumpkin pie. Although the ‘best’ pumpkin pie can be totally down to preference, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular sweet treats around the fall season.

Pumpkin pies are a great autumnal dish, mainly served around Halloween (after all, what else are we supposed to do with the flesh of all those hollowed out pumpkin lanterns?) A great thing about this time of year though, is the fact that so many food companies appreciate the fact that we all love a shortcut!

Complicated recipes can be overly stressful, and who wants that? As a result, cans of pumpkins have been produced to make the pumpkin pie making experience a whole lot easier. A great way for making the most of your leftover pumpkin or your pumpkin puree in a can is to make pumpkin bread; it’s spicy, nutritious and makes a wonderful on-the-go snack or quick autumnal breakfast.

More Pumpkin Recipes

Bread is not the only thing pumpkin can add flavour to though; pumpkin soups, pastas and risottos are also amazingly popular dishes for this time of year. Pumpkin soup in particular is a great lunchtime meal with a beautifully silky texture and sweet flavour that warms you up too – served with croutons and a few seeds this is a truly gorgeous dish.

The uses for the pumpkin don’t have to be limited to hearty meals however, they can also be found in appetizers and drinks too. Pumpkin dip is a great sweet appetizer that can be served with crackers, apple slices and ginger snaps to tease those taste buds before your main meal.

If you want to try a pumpkin pie in the form of a drink, try it as a milkshake, its beautifully sweet flavour mixed in with vanilla ice cream and a cinnamon stick makes a great sweet beverage that you’re sure to fall in love with! Pumpkin spice can also be found in many coffee shops or on shelves to add a more autumnal taste to your everyday cup of coffee.

If you want a bit more of a ‘grown-up’ take on the pumpkin pie recipe, why not try the pumpkin martini cocktail? With cream liqueur, vanilla vodka, whipped cream and pumpkin liqueur, you are sure to love how much this lovely cocktail warms you up inside! Find some addictive pumpkin drink recipes on Recipebridge.

So what’s your favorite twist on the pumpkin pie recipe? If you have any culinary secrets or amazing pumpkin recipes that you have discovered, please feel free to share them with us but posting them on our Facebook page or contacting us on Twitter.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer November 21st 2011
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