Quintessential Irish on St. Patrick’s Day

Corned beef for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day celebrations

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated for St Patrick who is the patron saint of Ireland and when he brought the Christian faith to the Irish people and the pagans, he used the shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit). The saint was credited with ending paganism, and St Patrick’s Day itself is now used as a day to celebrate all things Irish.

March 17th was chosen as the day to celebrate the Irish heritage as it is said to be the day that St Patrick died, and as he was such an influential figure in the country’s history, the day is dedicated to his memory and is there to celebrate the Irish luck, shamrocks, green and gold.

Traditional Irish dishes to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

St Patrick’s food is a huge part of the celebrations on the day, and traditional Irish dishes such as meat or vegetable based meals including potato soup, Irish stew, or Barmbrack (a traditional Irish bread). These traditional dishes aren’t just cooked in Ireland however, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated all over the world, and therefore St Patrick’s food is cooked in many countries across the globe. No matter how far away you are from Ireland, Irish food can be eaten all over the world, and adding green food colouring to desserts can continue the green theme throughout the day!

Here are some classic Irish eats:

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 17th 2012
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