Recipes to Cure a Hangover

Recipes to cure a hangover-Orange Juice

After all the overindulgence on alcohol on New Year’s eve, comes our handy-dandy recipes to cure a hangover

With New Years Eve approaching, there is bound to be a lot of celebrating. With celebrations comes an overindulgence on alcohol, and with the alcohol overload there is bound to be at least a few of you out there who are nursing a beast of a hangover on New Year’s Day. Well, I am here to tell you that you do not need to mope around the house feeling sorry for yourself; there are plenty of recipes to cure a hangover out there.

To get rid of those splitting headaches, the sickly feeling in your stomach and the dizziness, food can be the answer. First make sure you drink plenty of water and have a quick painkiller to reduce your throbbing headache. After that, you will inevitably be in need of some recipes to cure a hangover. So if you are wondering which foods can best get you functioning like a human being once again, look no further than the greasy fry up and the bacon sandwich.

Research has shown that a bacon sandwich is one of the ultimate recipes to cure a hangover. Any food that you eat when you have overindulged on alcohol the night before will be beneficial to your body because it speeds up your metabolism, thus getting rid of the alcohol in your blood stream quicker. The carbohydrates in the bread can give you more energy, and the bacon (a protein based food) breaks down into amino acids meaning that your brain’s neurotransmitters can begin to repair.  Amino acids can also help strengthen the nerves in the inner ear which will help you regain balance and make you not feel so dizzy!

Healthy options and recipes to cure a hangover

Although a greasy fry up might seem like one of the best recipes for curing a hangover, many people feel the guilt of eating all that grease in one sitting. If you are looking for a healthier option, then you might want to try a healthy juice. The juice contains natural sugars which will give you the natural boost you need when you wake up. Orange juice also contains a lot of vitamin C.

One of the more bizarre recipes to cure a hangover is the orange juice and egg drink which is basically freshly squeezed orange juice with a raw egg mixed in. The egg gives an intense infusion of protein which helps keep your body energised.

If you don’t think your stomach will be able to handle the influx of greasy food or the mixtures of juice and eggs, then the best option for you will be a cup of coffee taken with an aspirin. Anti inflammatory ingredients that are found in painkillers and the caffeine content of a cup of coffee work together to counteract the effects of alcohol. Who needs recipes to cure a hangover when this scientifically proven secret is before us?

Find some carb heavy and sandwich recipes on Recipebridge to soak up that alcohol from the day before.

If you want to avoid the hangover altogether however, there is no secret – just don’t drink quite so much and know your limits!

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer December 31st 2011
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