Seductive Dark Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Dark chocolate

Indulge with Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is seductive, healthy and scrumptious. Unlike its relatives Milk and White, dark chocolate has a very distinctive, slightly bitter yet exceedingly rich flavour. Scientific research has shown that dark chocolate is packed full of nutrients and antioxidants and has also been known to slow down the aging of your muscles. As with everything in life, dark chocolate needs to be consumed in moderation…but it’s always nice to hear that something so indulgent can have so many health benefits too!

Chocolate Fondue

Dark chocolate has been known to ease pain and help make you happier – and what better way to try it than as a fondue? A chocolate fondue is basically melted chocolate either placed in a pot or flowing out of a chocolate fountain – an ideal place for people to socialise whilst dipping in fruit or marshmallows.

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Chocolate Covered Fruit

Most people have heard of chocolate covered strawberries, but when it comes to experimenting with other fruits, bananas, apples and mangos are also very popular choices. The richness of the dark chocolate perfectly complements the sweet flavours of the fruit, making it a truly delicious and ever so slightly indulgent treat.

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Chocolate Treats

Chocolate treats can come in a variety of forms including cookies, cakes, buttons, fudge, truffles, muffins and much more! IF you are looking for a small dark chocolate fix, why not have it hot and in a mug? Dark hot chocolate is an extremely decadent treat but a healthier option than regular hot chocolate!

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Chocolate Desserts

As part of a dark chocolate themed Valentine’s Day dinner, a rich dessert is essential. The chocolatier the better when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and the bittersweet tastes of rich chocolate puddings served with a blob of vanilla ice cream is the perfect way to finish off a romantic meal.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 13th 2012
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