Stacks of Liquorice to Entice you this Halloween

Stacks of Liquorice to Entice you this Halloween

Liquorice candies for Halloween!

Although April 12th is National Liquorice Day, the time of year when liquorice is at its most popular is of course Halloween. There are many liquorice candies, and at Halloween, candy is of course one of the most popular things on the menu. Liquorice is made from the extracts of the root from the liquorice plant and has a sweet yet spicy flavour to it, making it a either a lovable or hateable dish to many people.

Not only made of liquorice extract, it also contains a lot of sugar which is why it is considered a candy and not a vegetable! Different flavors and colors of liquorice have dominated many holidays, but Halloween is when liquorice candies really come into their own.

There are many different varieties of liquorice so it is totally down to personal preference as to which type of liquorice you find the best – if you have a sweet tooth there are many extremely sweet liquorice candies that mainly younger people like, however if you prefer a more sharp taste, there are ones that can cater to your needs too! Sticks of liquorice such as the black and red varieties are among the most popular. Sugar free versions have even come onto the market in recent years to satisfy the cravings of diabetics.

Liquorice as a garnish…

Liquorice straws have also gained popularity in recent years with the fact that they make a great accompaniment to various drinks. By placing liquorice straws in your drink you are not only adding to the flavour of the exotic cocktails that you might be sipping but you are also improving the taste and complimenting it with the sweetness of the straws. They’re also great for sucking up sorbets and are a great addition to ice cream dishes.

Liquorice is one of the most popular candy garnishes for Halloween and it makes a fantastic cupcake topping. Despite its medicinal purposes and supposed healing abilities, liquorice isn’t amazingly healthy and some varieties of liquorice are known to be about 50 times sweeter than sugar – and the thought of that kind of makes my eyes water a little!

Use small portions as garnishes for desserts or seasonal cocktails and you will definitely have your guests coming back for more. You can find liquorice recipes to enjoy all year through on RecipeBridge.

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer October 31st 2011
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