The Best Hot Chocolate Recipe By Far!

hot chocolate

We all have had hot chocolate at some point or another. The perfectly comforting warm beverage that reminds us of childhood! While most of us really make hot chocolate with mixing hot chocolate mix with milk or in water, here’s a recipe making hot chocolate with cocoa, milk and cream. Find more twists to the […]

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The Refreshingly Chilled Lemonade


National Lemonade Day It’s National Lemonade Day today, and this infograph from is the perfect image to compliment this day. Essentially lemonade is a refreshing blend of water, lemons and sugar, evolving ever since the 13th century. It’s believed that it started in the Mediterranean region and then the recipe for this drink spread […]

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Memorial Day Lemonades


Lemonades to celebrate Memorial Day is a day of celebration in the US to commemorate those that have served in protecting their country. Due to its celebratory status, it is the ideal day to make homemade food and drinks and share the time with family and friends. Lemonades are great beverages of choice for the […]

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In-flight Beverages !

Beverages available on flights As an extension to our blog on ‘Plane ¬†Food’, we found this cool infographic from about in flight drink menus and wines. While the plane food definitely has a reputation of being sub standard, there is often a large selection of complimentary drinks – alcoholic and non alcoholic available on […]

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