In-flight Beverages !

In-flight Beverages !

Beverages available on flights

As an extension to our blog on ‘Plane ¬†Food’, we found this cool infographic from about in flight drink menus and wines. While the plane food definitely has a reputation of being sub standard, there is often a large selection of complimentary drinks – alcoholic and non alcoholic available on flights, the range depending upon whether you are in economy, business or first class. You can find complimentary or a paid selection of wines, spirits, cocktails as well as sodas and juices on most flights.

To add on to our series, we’d love to share an interview Benjamin Christie did with Qantas Airlines a few months ago which is currently on their inflight radio on all Qantas planes. You can listen to this interview here.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer December 7th 2011
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