National Bagel and Lox Day

Bagel and lox

The New York style bagel and lox A traditional Jewish American dish, bagel with lox is a quintessentially New York style dish which can generally be found in many New York deli’s plus a number of other food places that have now accepted the popularity of this delicious meal. History of Bagels and Lox Bagels […]

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Breakfast Recipes To Start Your Day


February is the National Breakfast Month If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” and yet so many people skip it. Some people find that they aren’t hungry enough in the mornings, or often find that they are in too much of a […]

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Hearty Pancakes


National Pancake Day It’s National Pancake Day today, and seeing as it’s been a few months since Shrove Tuesday (the traditional day when pancakes are eaten) why not whip up a few for breakfast, lunch, dinner…or all three? Pancakes have been eaten all over the world for centuries, and it is only recently that they […]

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Quick And Easy Breakfast Recipes

easy breakfast recipes

The video here features some simple and quick breakfast recipes that will make your morning easier. Recipes mostly include assembling ready foods, so that the breakfast is quick to prepare but at the same time is wholesome and nutritious. Find more breakfast recipes on Recipebridge.

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Chilaquiles Recipe From Snowbird’s Forklift Restaurant

Mexican Chilaquiles

Chef Mark Brower, from The Forklift Restaurant in Snowbird, makes a traditional Mexican chilaquiles breakfast dish. Here he is making Mexican Chilaquiles. Chilaquiles are essentially tortilla chips cooked in a green chile sauce and topped with cheese. They have many variations, whereby you can used fried eggs or bacon to top these, add salsa to the […]

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