Make Your Own Coffee Syrup

Coffee Syrup for the coffee lovers! When you go into any well known coffee shop, they always have a great range of syrups awaiting you, and when it hits the festive season, more and more coffee syrup flavors appear on their shelves and make our tongue tingle in anticipation. Whether you love a dash of […]

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How do You Like Your Coffee?


National Coffee Day Today is the National Coffee Day, and we have this illustrated guide to different ways to make coffee from Did you know that coffee comes only second as a world commodity after oil! Millions wake up to a steam cup of coffee every day, and in celebration of this important beverage, […]

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Introducing Just Coffee

Just Coffee

Just Coffee for you For all you coffee lovers out there, we have just launched a new site that is perfect for you – ‘Just Coffee’! The site is totally dedicated to all things coffee related and features all the latest and most fascinating coffee videos from across the web; all in one place. Videos […]

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Coffee and Croissant Break

Coffee and Croissant

The much needed coffee and croissant break at 11:00 am It’s 11am and it’s been 4 hours since you ate breakfast. You’re sitting at your desk and you know that lunch is 2 hours away, so what do you do? Go for a quick coffee and croissant of course! Over the years, the coffee and […]

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