Coffee and Croissant Break

Coffee and Croissant

The much needed coffee and croissant break at 11:00 am

It’s 11am and it’s been 4 hours since you ate breakfast. You’re sitting at your desk and you know that lunch is 2 hours away, so what do you do? Go for a quick coffee and croissant of course! Over the years, the coffee and croissant break has become one of the best mid morning pick-me-ups across the world, and is especially popular in Great Britain.

Not only considered a great little break to stop those hunger pangs and get a quick caffeine boost, the coffee and croissant interval can also be a great way of business networking without taking up too much of your busy day. It’s a quick way to run through vital company decisions without spending too much time going over fine details (that’s what AGMs are for!).

Coffee and croissant are sure to rejuvenate you in the afternoons

So if you want to have the most productive day possible, a quick coffee and small snack is sure to rejuvenate you. Coffee is great for giving you that little extra boost so that you can get on with work, but it is also contains antioxidants and minerals which are good for regulating blood sugar levels. Coffee is also low in calories too so you don’t need to feel guilty about having one. Try not to overdo the caffeine though, as with most things, excessive amounts can have harmful effects.

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Croissants are a traditional French pastry which is extremely light and flaky and made with butter, flour and a raising agent. Some come in crescent shapes, and some in baton shapes. Although delicious plain, you can also enjoy these delightful pastries with chocolate or almonds.

Find some scrumptious croissants recipes on Recipebridge. How do you enjoy your coffee and croissant break?

Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 22nd 2012
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