Recipe Idea Using Canned Foods

canned foods

Freestore Food bank partners with TGI Friday to create a lasagna recipe with mostly canned foods. This could also be a quick weeknight meal to layer canned foods into a lasagna. Find more recipes with canned foods on Recipebridge.

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Recipe For Leftovers Lasagna


Layer your leftovers for an easy dinner. Thanksgiving isn’t the only occasion you’re going to be too full to finish the leftovers. Amy Ott with Klosterman Bread talks about how you can repurpose some of leftover dishes. She shares the recipe for layering your leftovers into a lasagna style dish. Find more recipes for leftovers lasagna […]

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5 Lasagna Dishes To Celebrate The National Lasagna Day


Comfort of oven baked lasagna Filling and immensely satisfying lasagna is the ultimate comforting dish. Today we celebrate the National Lasagna Day, and what better day to indulge in this delectable pasta preparation. Of course originated in Italy, lasagna is probably one of the oldest pasta shapes. Lasagna is the quintessential oven baked pasta dish, […]

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Cooked Pasta Dishes

Lasagne-cooked pasta dish

Oven-baking your pasta dishes! Pasta dishes have been around for many centuries, and have become so popular that they have become a basic food in all types of cultures. However, pasta itself of course originated from Italy. In the 8th century, more spaghetti style pastas were being sold, and it wasn’t until the 1300s that […]

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