5 Lasagna Dishes To Celebrate The National Lasagna Day


Comfort of oven baked lasagna

Filling and immensely satisfying lasagna is the ultimate comforting dish. Today we celebrate the National Lasagna Day, and what better day to indulge in this delectable pasta preparation. Of course originated in Italy, lasagna is probably one of the oldest pasta shapes. Lasagna is the quintessential oven baked pasta dish, where layers of pasta sheet alternate with meat, vegetables, other fillings and cheese. Typically lasagna can be divided into essentially two categories: Meat lasagna, and vegetable lasagna.

Meat Lasagna

A meaty lasagna can include any type of meat that you like, although traditionally meat and a white cheese sauce are used. For a newer twist on the traditional recipe, try Creamy Chicken and Spinach which, although it takes a while to prepare, is a delicious combination of the various layers of pasta, spinach and chicken.

Vegetable Lasagna

Instead of various meats, the vegetable lasagne uses lots of vegetable between the pasta layers. These can include onions, broccoli and garlic, or spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes. Or you can get creative and use any vegetable you like – courgettes in lasagne is a great favourite of mine and the thick slices are great for soaking up the lasagne’s rich and tasty juices.

5 Lasagna dishes to try

Here’s our pick of 5 lasagna dishes to try:

  1. Classic Italian Lasagna Recipes
  2. Veggie Lasagna Recipes
  3. Mexican Lasagna Recipes
  4. Lasagna Rolls Recipes
  5. Lasagna Cupcakes Recipes

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer July 29th 2012
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