Maggiano’s Shares Pasta Recipe


Executive Chef Karl Lenz from Maggiano’s shares an easy pasta recipe. Pasta is so versatile, and cooking pasta dishes can range from being complicated flavored recipes to simple daily dishes. Find more pasta recipes on Recipebridge.

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Pasta And Mushroom Recipe


Learn how to make Duck a l’Orange with pasta and mushrooms. Chef ┬áDiner shares this recipe for pasta and mushrooms flavored with orange juice. A great recipe for weeknight dinners. Find more pasta and mushroom recipes on Recipebridge.

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Easy Chicken Recipe

Chicken Recipe

Chef Ken Hall shows us a super easy chicken meal, with sauteed mushrooms, and pasta. Find more chicken with pasta recipes on Recipebridge.

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Pesto On Handmade Pasta

Pasta Dish

Handmade pasta is so fresh and tastes delicious. Here we present pasta dishes with pesto sauce using hand crafted pasta from 416 cuisine. Find more pasta dishes at Recipebridge.

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5 Lasagna Dishes To Celebrate The National Lasagna Day


Comfort of oven baked lasagna Filling and immensely satisfying lasagna is the ultimate comforting dish. Today we celebrate the National Lasagna Day, and what better day to indulge in this delectable pasta preparation. Of course originated in Italy, lasagna is probably one of the oldest pasta shapes. Lasagna is the quintessential oven baked pasta dish, […]

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