Summer Squash Recipes

Summer Squash

Squash is in season these days, and here we are featuring delicious squash recipes. Larry Pfarr from Minneapolis shows us these summer squash recipes. We start off with chilled zucchini soup, a great alternative to gazpacho. Then zucchini spaghetti and extremely delectable stuffed pattypan squash recipe. We finish off with delicious zucchini cupcakes, with almond […]

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Frosty Pops To Cool Off

Frosty Pops

Frozen pops are a summer delight Homemade ice pops are a delicious summer time treat sure to please everyone, and as the temperatures outside get warmer and warmer, frosty pops are the obvious choice to cool you down in these warm summer months! Ice pops make the perfect summer treat not only because of their […]

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Easy Mojito Recipes

Cherry Lime Mojito

Trudy Maples of Cooking with Trudy has easy and fun summer recipes, and mojito is a refreshing cocktail for the summer months. She shares here the recipe for a cherry lime mojito. Find more mojito recipes on Recipebridge.

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