5 Ways To Cook Eggplant


Eggplant has a different name in many parts of the world The eggplant, also known as an aubergine in the UK, is a large purple skinned fruit which is widely used all over the world in recipes. It is part of the nightshade family and is related to other vegetables such as peppers, sweet potatoes, […]

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8 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Broccoli


Broccoli – a super charged vitamin-packed veggie! A relative of the cauliflower and a vegetable which is in the cabbage family, broccoli dates all the way back to Ancient Roman times. A green vegetable that has an edible flower head and stem, it is both delicious and nutritious. Packed full of antioxidants, broccoli is one […]

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Rainbow of Grilled Veggies

Grilled Veggies

Spring offers an array of reasons to enjoy grilled veggies After months of eating thick, heavy winter vegetables such as beets, squash, and parsnips, the spring months are your first chance to try out something different and light. The spring is the season where avocados, lettuce, artichokes, rhubarb, spring onions, peas, and leeks begin to […]

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Vegetarian Christmas Meals

Vegetarian Christmas

Vegetarian Christmas – festive options for the non-meat eaters As so much of the Christmas holidays are focussed around eating meats – turkey, ham, and goose to name but a few, the festive period is a completely different experience for vegetarians. There is a certain amount of challenge that comes with organising Christmas dinner if […]

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