Tapas for the Oscars Night


Award winning tapas for the Hollywood night

Tapas originally comes from Spain and its name came about when the Spanish word for ‘cover’ (tapa) was used to describe the piece of ham that was traditionally used to cover a glass of wine. Today, we associate tapas with small dishes of different types of food. Tapas restaurants all over the world offer a great variety of seafood, potato, and meat dishes on their menus.

Tapas serves the purpose of accompanying drinks which is why the dishes may seem small, but they are easy to pick at while you sip your beverage of choice. Try these Spanish and Italian tapas dishes tonight for Oscars gathering or for your next gathering and you and your guests will be ready to party the way into Spain! If you want to continue the Spanish or Italian theme, don’t forget to serve your tapas with chilled sangria (a Spanish wine punch) or chianti (an Italian red wine).

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer February 26th 2012
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