Tasty and Affordable Steaks

Tasty and Affordable Steaks

Affordable steaks

Steaks are one of the most popular choices of meat, but one of the down sides of eating too much steak is that it can be quite expensive. However, if you love your steak but still want to stay on a bit of a budget, there are some more affordable cuts available.

The more affordable cuts of steak come in three groups:

  1. Hanger and Flatiron steaks
  2. Long prized
  3. Flank, flap, tri-tip and Skirt steaks

All these types of cheaper steaks are ideal for lovers of tough and flavorful meat. When a meat is tough however, it will need tenderizing (beating) and marinades to soften it up. Marinades can not only tenderize the meat, but it can also add different flavors and make steak cuts much tastier.

The importance of marinades is that it can penetrate the steak, infusing it with flavor and giving it a better level of tenderness. This is why even when buying cheaper steaks; you can make it seem like a premium cut by using seasoning and tenderizing processes. Depending on the thickness of the meat, the steaks may need to marinade for a short or long period of time to ensure that the marinade properly soaks into the meat. Needless to say, the thicker the steak cut, the longer it needs to marinade.

Not everyone can afford to eat a prime cut filet mignon every day, so when it comes to cooking your cheaper steaks, it is often using the right cooking techniques which can transform your budget cut beef into an expensive tasting meal.

  • Flank steaks – A reasonably tough texture, this type of steak is best when marinated and should be cut across the grain. It is also a great meat for grilling for as long as desired on each side. Try to avoid turning the meat too much though as this can dry it out too quickly.
  • Skirt steaks – This type of steak needs marinating for a long time due to its very tough nature. Cut it against the grain and into strips if you want to give it more tenderness when cooking. It is best used in slow cooked meals or in wraps. As this is quite a thin cut, cooking the skirt steaks to medium rare is the best way of retaining its flavors and also making it more tender.
  • Top sirloin steaks – The top sirloin can be a little tough but generally tastes best when seasoned. Although marinades taste delicious with top sirloin, the perfect amount of seasoning/rub makes it taste delicious. Just remember not to add too much salt as this can dehydrate the meat and make it drier than it should be. Griddles or grills can be used to cook the sirloin.

Steaks for dinner tonight?

As a general rule, steaks should be removed from the refrigerator before they are cooked. Keep them covered so that bacteria doesn’t develop, but allow them to get to room temperature. Steaks will therefore cook quicker and hopefully retain its juices.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer June 21st 2012
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