Thanksgiving for the Gluten-Free

Gluten-free Thanksgiving

Expand your culinary horizons to enjoy a Gluten-Free Thanksgiving

Due to dietary requirements or certain allergies, there are people all over the world that are now living a gluten-free lifestyle, so it is around certain holidays that our focus turns to gluten-free foods and the best way to eat a Christmas or Thanksgiving dinner without having to compromise on the quality of the food. But what is gluten? And what alternatives can we have for a gluten-free Thanksgiving meal?

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein substance found in many foods, mainly carbohydrates and wheat based products and is the element that gives dough its elasticity.

How do I have a gluten-free Thanksgiving?

Whether it is you or your guests that are having a gluten-free Thanksgiving, there are certain precautions that need to be taken to ensure everyone remains happy, healthy and are still enjoying their meal – whether it is a gluten-free one or not! Often flavourings in foods can contain gluten, so ensure that your turkey is void of all unnecessary additives.

Try to avoid using flour when making your gravy; use cornstarch instead to add thickness if you need to. As gluten can mainly be found in wheat-based products and traditional Thanksgiving dinners,many bread alternatives will feature in the gluten-free meal too. Gluten-free bread or ingredients to make bread can be found in large or specialist supermarkets – just make sure it sas ‘gluten-free’ on the packaging!

Putting a positive spin on your Gluten-free Thanksgiving menu

It isn’t hard to have a gluten-free Thanksgiving, you just need to prepare beforehand to make sure everyone is catered for. Always ask guests if anyone has any allergies or dietary requirements, just so your Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t get interrupted by someone having an unexpected allergic reaction! As with all specialist foods, always check the packet before you buy. If you are buying fresh produce that doesn’t come pre-pacakaged, always make sure to ask the shop assistants whether a product contains gluten.

Gluten free pie crusts for those tasty desserts can also be found on the supermarkets shelves, as well as gluten free stuffing for your turkey. If you’re making your own stuffing, make sure gluten free bread goes into the mix. In today’s world, there are many tasty gluten-free alternatives, so if you are one of the growing number of people who are gluten intolerant, chins up! Find more gluten-free Thanksgiving recipes on Recipebridge.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer November 22nd 2011
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