Four Ways To Sardines


Coastal Sardines

Sardines are a popular coastal dish, and across the world, sardines can be found in coastal towns as delicious restaurant specialties and thanks to the freshness, they can taste absolutely amazing. They have been eaten for hundreds of years and were first eaten in Europe, namely in Portugal, Spain and France.

Over the years, the popularity of sardines has spread and they are a massive hit in the UK, across the US and other coastal parts of the world where sardines can be easily bought and sold.

Ways to cook sardines

Fresh Sardines

Not everyone has the luxury of living along the coast, and one of the great things about living near the sea is that fresh produce such as sardines are readily available. The invention of tinned sardines became a great fashion about 200 years ago when Nicholas Appert introduced the idea of canning fresh ingredients so that it could stay fresher for longer. This is something that many manufacturers still do now and allows those of us that live inland to taste sardines, tuna, and other seafood for a cheaper price than fresher produce.

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Grilled Sardines

If using fresh sardines (recommended for best taste), prepare the fish first by washing scaling and deboning them. Grilling sardines is easy and requires a hot oven plus usually the use of a marinade or brushed on oil so that the skin doesn’t dry out.

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Baked Sardines

Baking your sardines is another delicious way of cooking, and can be done by heating your oven at 180C then preparing your fillets. They can be seasoned, brushed with oil or you can squeeze lemon over them and then place them on a baking tray for 15 to 20 minutes in the oven for a tender and ready-to-fall-apart texture.

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Ceviche with Sardines

Ceviche is a South American seafood dish, and it is famously eaten in the Mediterranean as an appetiser or main course using sardines as the seafood ingredient. With a special type of marinade, you can create this fishy yet distinctive Mediterranean taste and experience the taste of Europe.

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Posted by RecipeBridge Staff Writer March 7th 2013
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