How To Cook Mussels?


Easy and healthy mussels Mussels are salt water molluscs (a type of clam) and are also a popular seafood found in a range of countries across the globe. They have a soft, moist texture and slightly salty taste reminiscent of other seafood but they can be prepared in a variety of ways and can also […]

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Four Ways To Sardines


Coastal Sardines Sardines are a popular coastal dish, and across the world, sardines can be found in coastal towns as delicious restaurant specialties and thanks to the freshness, they can taste absolutely amazing. They have been eaten for hundreds of years and were first eaten in Europe, namely in Portugal, Spain and France. Over the […]

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Recipes With Almonds


Deliciously healthy almonds Almonds are actually the seeds that come from the almond tree. A Middle Eastern nut, these delicate seeds are shaped like teardrops and have a rough brown shell which is also edible. Almonds have been around for years, and it is thanks to their unique taste, texture and flavor that they make […]

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Cooking Sole


The gourmet flavors of dover sole Sole is a firm textured fish with a delicate texture, usually available year around. Sold as fresh wild caught or frozen, fresh sole fillets have almost no fish smell and are springy to touch. However, frozen sole can get a mushy texture when thawed. In the recent years sole […]

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Britney Ruby Miller Shares Quinoa Salad Recipe

quinoa salad

Britney Ruby from Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse creates a tasty salad with a yogurt basil sauce and quinoa. Quinoa, or the grain of the Incas as it is usually called is an awesome vegetarian source of protein. She combines this with a lot of vegetables and feta cheese for extra flavor. Find more recipes for quinoa […]

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